Really? It’s October. Why Aren’t Any of These Good?

Recently, I added the following reviews:

  1. Room 237
  2. Planes
  3. Machete Kills
  4. The Fifth Estate
  5. Carrie (2013)

None of them are memorable, except maybe Carrie. Then again, memorable connotes good, and Carrie most certainly isn’t. So what’s the opposite of memorable?Β 


7 thoughts on “Really? It’s October. Why Aren’t Any of These Good?

  1. None of them are good, huh? I had high hopes for Room 237! I’ve not been hearing great things about Carrie, but I’m still seeing it on Sunday…We’ll see. Is Benedict Cumberbatch at least good in The Fifth Estate?

    • Yes. He’s fantastic. So is Daniel Bruhl. And every other actor. The Fifth Estate isn’t bad. It’s just not great. Of these five, it’s the one I most enjoy.

      Room 237 is the best, though. It is well made, with clever visuals supporting interview audio, though I don’t like how it’s edited. I actually started with a higher grade for Room 237 but adjusted it down to a C+ when I realized it’s not sticking with me. I suspect someone more enamored by The Shining (and I’m guessing you’re such a someone (am I wrong?) will enjoy it even more than I did.

      • Somehow I knew it vis a vis The Shining. πŸ˜‰

        Given that you’re more versed in Kubrick’s film, Room 237 will probably hold more weight for you. Definitely give it a try.

        And you won’t be disappointed in Cumberbatch. The Fifth Estate, in fact, is very watchable.

        Which is more than I can say for Carrie. As I start the review, Carrie is a special kind of awful. A very special kind. I’d advise you change your Sunday plans. See The Fifth Estate instead. Or better yet … Wadjda. πŸ˜‰

      • I reiterate that suggestion now that I see Carrie (1976) is your sixth favorite horror film ever. I’ll be stunned if you like the new version. Absolutely stunned.

      • Haha wow that’s discouraging!! But I’m going to soldier on–I made a friend date. But if it sucks that much, at least we’re paying matinee prices!

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